In her work Lisa Hartog makes general what is individual and represent the essence of darkness, light, colour and form. Meaning, the experience is more important than explanation. Lisa’s intuitive research connects her themes and method of working. An intuitive process, an interaction and cooperation between the work, the matter and herself, guide her way of working. The idea determines the image carrier, this is the reason for Lisa to work in various media; photography, film, mixes media, live performance, spatial, painting (watercolour and acrylic paint), drawing (charcoal) and sculpture (clay).

To make visible what needs to be visible.
The path of the searching? lonely? alienated? connected? (un)vulnerable? hurt, despaired? surprising? human being, who gives shape to its existence.
My work is a testimony of my observations and experiences of the society, the world. Work in which, in addition to making visible the essence of darkness, light, colour and form, the individual perception and experience of maker and observer stands central and not the intellect and explanation.

Lisa Hartog

Lisa Hartog (Nederland, )


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